Social Media Marketing

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Marketers all over the world has embraced social media to their advantage. Stats has revealed that 97% of marketing people used social media to increase brand recognition of their products and services. This has gained a lot of traction in recent times and social media involvement has been growing exponentially every year.


It isn’t just about getting ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ anymore. It’s about converting sales better using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media channels. With millions of users using such platforms, wouldn’t it be great to target them for more inbound traffic to your business.


Social Media Advertising


Social media advertising is taking over print advertising very fast because of its ability to capture more leads in shorter time. You can also reduce your advert budget significantly when running social media ads.


How Can We Help You?


Here at Dustoff Media, we are capable of:

  1. Manage your advert campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Help your business capture more engagements using lower budget.
  3. Leverage on our audience targeting strategies to narrow down to your desired customers.


Why Us?

  1. NO upfront cost. We focus on results. ROI based marketing is our forte.
  2. Flexible. We work with your business or personal budget.
  3. Track record. Our effective social media marketing strategies allow better engagement/conversion with lower ad spend.



Convert Better with Social Channels



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