Facebook Messenger Ads

Image result for quote icon Reach out to hundreds of thousands, even millions of people locally or worldwide with targeted Facebook ads!



Image result for quote iconThe newest Click-to-Messenger ads can improve your lead generation efforts by miles. Coupled with Chatbots, your sales and customer experiences will skyrocket!

Facebook ads continue to grow in popularity as more and more people discover the value of them. Creating a Facebook ad is simple, but creating a Facebook ad that is profitable takes a little bit more skill and savvy. It’s not overly difficult especially once you know what social media marketers do.

Facebook ad campaigns are a great way to bring new visitors to your Facebook page, to your website, or to run a promotion, to name just a few. However, before you jump in with both feet, we encourage you to take the time to learn and understand just how Facebook ads work so that your experience is a positive one and you can reap the benefits of a Facebook ad campaign. Because if you do not understand how it all comes together, you do face the risk of a very high charge that won’t be to your advantage.

Social media superstar Gary Vaynerchuk (Vayner Media) emphasised on his 2018 Keynote in National Achievers Congress in Singapore, “Facebook ads are grossly underpriced, and if you are not spending a lot on Facebook, you will miss out on a great scalable opportunity for your business!”

Being a mobile phone centric society and economy, 75% of all Facebook users access the social platform using a mobile device. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to combine your Facebook ads with Messenger apps.

Here are the benefits of Messenger:

  • No more landing pages. Your Messenger bot will serve as a squeeze page for your campaigns.
  • Conversion rates are higher because key messages and content will be delivered directly to your audiences’ mobile devices.
  • Remarketing and retargeting your prospects are simple as the Messenger bot can follow up with everyone even if they don’t give you their email address.
  • Messenger allows customer support without switching to other channels
  • Messenger is a more personal way for communicating with your customers.


If you want to leverage on Messenger and Facebook ads, the guys in Dustoff Media are exactly in a position to help you get started!

How? By running Facebook ads campaigns that get your users to click directly to Messenger and get subscribed to your chatbot for follow-up! This is an amazing way to reach out to your ideal audience, capture leads and nurturing them at the same time. You will be able to reach your sales goals faster than any other channels.

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